Quality Selection 2012

Quality Selection 2012 by
Hotel King Minos

Quality Award 2009

Studiossus Quality Award 2009
Hotel Minoa in Tolo

Gold Choice Award

First Choice
Gold Choice Awarded to King Minos Hotel 2003

Gold Choice Award

First Choise
Gold Choice Awarded to King Minos Hotel 2002

Best Service Hotel

Hotel Minoa has been recognized as a Best Service Hotel


Jill Davis - - Testimonial from: Google+

  This was a wonderful hotel for my group of 41 travelers. Very clean, quiet, and friendly staff. The breakfast was outstanding and WiFi service was convenient. The staff is amazing. It's an easy walk to the beach and the pool is beautiful. Highly recommend!  

Marco Gugliandolo - - Testimonial from: Google+

  One of the best hotels I've ever been to in Greece, it's just a few steps from the sea  

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