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Relaxation - wellness treatments - Spa services

Available in our hotels Relaxation and wellness treatments or Spa services as well as Alternative treatments for relaxation and wellness

Traditional Thai Massage

Let the magic of ancient thai art offer  you a unique experience that combines therapeutic massage with passive exercise (passive yoga). Pressures and stretching slowly and rhythmically alternated offering relief from pain and tension, relaxation and physical wellness. A holistic treatment that rejuvenates your body and your spirit and managed to bring out the natural beauty that comes from within you.

Thai massage pad (Thai foot massage)

When Thai massage focuses on the soles reflexes act in any part of the body and leaves a feeling of lightness to your flooded. The ultimate care for tired limbs and not only ...

Holistic massage with essential oils (Holistic Oil Massage)

The massage becomes "magical" dimensions and raise the body the healing properties of essential oils. The expert’s hands glide with movements that cover the entire body from the top of the head to the fingertips activating the energy channels and providing harmony on all levels. At the same time, gentle but penetrating aroma stimulates your senses. If you need deep relaxation is perfect for you!

Facial massage (Rejuvenation)

A holistic method of facial rejuvenation, which affects both body and mind in creating deep relaxation. Pressures vent the volume in combination with rich hydration improves blood circulation and restore muscle tone, and thus the person regains its natural shape. Select to erase the signs of fatigue and regain your glow.


A natural method of detoxifying the body and mental-emotional discharge is widespread, because the process stimulates the body heal itself. Based on the transmission of energy through the hands of the practitioner to the recipient's body in order to rebalance it. The therapist places his hands at various points, in contact or at a distance from the body of the receiver remaining in each position for some minutes. By completing a Reiki session experiencing deep sense of relaxation, pleasant mood and increased energy.


Activities In Tolo

Relax on the beach
Swim and snorkel
Visit Koronisi and Romvi Islands
Have a BBQ at Daskalio Island
Walk to Kastraki and Ancient Asini
Walk up the mountain of Tolo
Try water-sports
Go to a Greek dancing evening
Try fishing
Learn how to scuba-dive


A few words about Tolo
A few words about Argolis

Daily excursions

Hydra and Spetses
Across the east coast of the Peloponnese by car
Drive to Athens

Activities Around Tolo

Visit Nafplio
Check out the open Market in Nafplion
Walk east from the port of Nafplion to the beach of Arvanitia.
Visit Epidavros
Visit by boat the nearby islands
Visit the nearby beaches by bike
Visit Mycenae
Learn how to kite surf


Jill Davis - - Testimonial from: Google+

  This was a wonderful hotel for my group of 41 travelers. Very clean, quiet, and friendly staff. The breakfast was outstanding and WiFi service was convenient. The staff is amazing. It's an easy walk to the beach and the pool is beautiful. Highly recommend!  

Marco Gugliandolo - - Testimonial from: Google+

  One of the best hotels I've ever been to in Greece, it's just a few steps from the sea  

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