Carnival fiesta in Tolo !

Ειδικές προσφορές για το τριήμερο των αποκριών !

Carnival in Tolo is a long lasting tradition. An authentic fiesta with unique local character that has always fascinated children and grownups . Every year local associations and volunteers prepare the festivities and their special concern is to make every one join the party and have fun.
Now the organization auspices under the Municipality of Nafplio and it is ready to welcome locals and guests of the area at a weekend-long event that begins on Saturday, February 21, will peak on Sunday with a parade of floats and will be completed on Shrove Monday with kite flying and the traditional delicacies of Lent served on the seafront.
We would like to invite you in Tolo where you can relax and enjoy the colorful spree of the carnival fiesta.
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